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Text Documents

I don't like writing html very much, so many of my documents are available only as plaintext.

Old Documents

Outdated documents, kept for historical purposes.


Westell ADSL modem statistics in Linux

Older Westell ADSL modems (such as the 2100/2200 series) only allow ADSL line stats to be gathered by a very bizarre multicast/broadcast packet arrangement. These modems do not have a HTTP, SNMP, or Telnet interface. There exists a package of utilities, called wdiag, that will start or stop the multicast packet stream and gather the multicasted data. However, these utilities can be somewhat difficult to set up.

Securing a wireless network with Linux 2.6's IPsec

Note: I suggest using OpenVPN rather than IPsec. It's easier to configure, offers good performance, is reliably cross-platform interoperable, and is generally a better choice than IPsec in most instances. The only caveat is that current production releases of OpenVPN do not respect the metric routing qualifier and are therefore less convenient for using common multipath setups (eg, dynamically switching between a wired ethernet connection and an 802.11 wireless VPN connection to the same network). Development releases do support this functionality, so this issue should soon be corrected in all instances.

WEP is insecure and should not be trusted. IPsec is a fairly mature and well-regarded transport level encryption and authentication mechanism. It's the ideal replacement for WEP. I document how to secure a wireless network from both easedropping and unauthorized use using Linux 2.6's IPsec functionality and the familiar Netfilter.


A short guide to stabilizing PC hardware

Most computers are unstable by default in demanding circumstances, leading to hard-to-diagnose crashes, data corruption, or other nearly random problems. Common practices such as overclocking or undervolting only make the occurence of such problems more likely. Fortunately, it's relatively easy to tune most PC hardware configurations to achieve relative stability.

Setting up Linux on the Thinkpad T40p

A guide to properly configuring the T40 series of Thinkpads to work with Linux. More than anything, it's a collection of my experiences.

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